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Everything you need to know about sending in a video, film or photos

If you’d like to make a recipe here’s how

  1. Film Grandma at work in her own kitchen.
  2. Edit Film to less than 10 mins
  3. Upload to YouTube
  4. Send us the link using the comment box opposite

You can also use the form to send us written recipes or photos.

Just write the written recipe in the form. If you have photos send them by email to

Tips for filming

It can be useful to make an interview with your gran before she starts cooking. Later when you are editing the film you can overlay the audio of the cooking instructions and stories over the film of her cooking. In your film concentrate on the grandma as much as the food, don’t forget to ask her to share the secrets and stories related to the cooking.

Tips for YouTube

To upload your film to YouTube it must be less than 10 mins long and less than 100MB in size. For best results we’d recommend outputing your film at 320 X 240 px compressed as .mp4 you can use your favourite software like imovie to edit the film to less than 10mins.  For more tips on file size and format visit the YouTube help centre

If you don’t have one you will need to create an account with YouTube – but it’s very simple. Go to – click on register, fill in your details and respond to the automated email to get started.

When you upload your video give your video a title and add the ‘tag’ WhatsCookingGrandma (no spaces.) This will make it easier to find on our YouTube channel.


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To let us know that you’ve posted a film on YouTube or to send us a written recipe use the comment box below. If you’d like to send photos email

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