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England , Jackie October 2006

Jackie (Grandmother to 13) and her scones are the main attraction at Casey’s Cosy Corner Cafe in the Assembly Rooms Lancaster. In this film Jackie shares her secrets, it’s all in the hands… 

    Makes six big scones

  •  3lb Plain Flour
  • 10oz Marg
  • 3oz Baking power
  • 12oz Caster sugar
  • 9oz Fruit
  • 1 1/2 pts Milk
  • 2 Eggs
  • Salt


nicole thorogood November 11, 2008

3oz of baking powder is a lot is it correct?

Samantha November 14, 2008

When do you put in the salt?

Vicki Mann April 18, 2009

this recipe was amazing, everyone that I made it for went absolutely nuts for it. I recknonize the method of rubbing the butter and other ingredients together from my own mother. And I also recknonize the amount of baking powder, as I have also used that much when I have baked something very similar as well.
Thank you for sharing this recipe and putting it on film

Wendy May 7, 2009

What is castor sugar??

Kerry May 30, 2009

Love the video!….cosy place…awesome scones.

Daniela July 21, 2009

I just tried to make those for the first time and did everything as Jackie says but my mixture became so wet I had to add more flour. Does anyone know why? There is a slim possibility I put less flour than I had to because of the measuring cup, but I’m not sure. Please help!

Sean July 26, 2009

I used a slight less amount of milk. I’m in Canada and the conversion would work out to 3.75 cups of milk. I added the milk slowly until I got a nice big flakey texture. Then the raisins. I made 12 and they sold the same day at my work place. Very happy to find her on YouTube – GREAT work!!

Christine June 18, 2010

I just tried to make the scones.. Looking from the recipe, I found that the caster sugar and milk are very plenty.. I followed the recipe anyway and only use around 250ml milk instead of 700ml…

I tried to use all the milk and so I added a bit of flour… At the end, I think I used 350ml milk… and made 24 scones at the end.. It’s still cooking and so I haven’t tasted yet..

jess July 10, 2010

the salt… is that just a pinch?

Samantha July 12, 2010

You put a little of salt(a pinch) in with the other dry ingredients! :)

Rob March 13, 2011

The amount of salt you use depends on how salty the marg or butter is, a pinch shd do. I also put in a splash of lemon juice – it helps the baking powder work (esp if its been in your cupboard a while!), and gives it a bit of subtle freshness.

angela December 15, 2011

thank u for sharing a gr8 valued british scone i made some and add cheese instead of fruit rally nice xx

Sylvia March 24, 2012

Just by looking at the ingredients, and watching the video, she did not add 1 and a half pints of milk to the mix. That would make it too wet. No baker ever gives their actual recipe!

Kim August 13, 2012

Wow, these were delicious! I’ve never made scones before so was dubious about how they would turn out but I don’t think they could have tasted better.
A couple of points I noted-
I made half the quantity as it seemed to be a lot of flour and still ended up with 18 good size scones!
I added all of the milk (half quantity) and the mixture was very soft and sticky and at this point I was tempted to add more flour, but I decided to stick with the original recipe and I’m very glad I did as the scones were very light and fluffy inside. I floured the worktop and my hands well and gently rolled the sticky scone mixture in the flour until it was covered. Then I made sure the cutter was also covered in flour each time I cut out a scone. Therefore each scone was soft and moist in the middle whilst still being covered in flour and easy to handle.
I followed the instructions to start with the oven at 250 deg and then lowered it to 160 once I put the scones in. I don’t know if it was my oven, but I checked them after 10 mins and they were barely cooking! They had flattened and spread from the low heat but hadn’t cooked at all. I ended up raising the temperature to 200 deg for 10 mins to get them to cook.

Thanks for the recipe.

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